Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's been storming like crazy around these parts!  The rain dug out a trench in the driveway - which is not so fun to drive over.  The rain also filled up both ponds; it's not ALL bad.....but MAN did it come down!

Tim and I realized that we have WAY more shoes than we should...most of them are in pretty bad shape, but apparently NO one can throw shoes away!  We had the girls collect all the shoes from the front porch, the carport, at the back door, and from anywhere else they could find them.  They lined them all up in the carport for everyone to go through.  We didn't get to it the day we should have and the storms started and the rain came pouring down the driveway into the carport and the shoes FLOATED around...and now it's muddy...and if a person walks around in crocs in the carport on the muddy concrete to line up the shoes again, that person might just slip on the mud and land on her butt and get very unhappy.  I'm just saying.

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Heidi Allen Garvin said...

I love the rain - even though there is mud. :) And..the photo is beautiful!!!

I found you on our MormonMomsWhoBlog list and ...invite you to join our new FB site "Mormon Moms'.

I've posted your blog message there today since I think it's a great reminder to us all of the beauties around us! :)

Heidi G.


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