Saturday, May 12, 2012

Soccer Recap - Spring Season 2012

 It was nice to have Kyle home this spring and have him go watch his brothers play!  It is still so strange to only have Ethan and Dallin playing club soccer!  We're still in the 4-5 games per weekend mode...

 Ethan had a great season this spring - they only lost one season game and came in 2nd in their division!  Ethan mostly played defense, although in one game VS. Greensboro, Coach Jay put him 'up top' and he scored a goal off a nice header tying the game 1-1!

Ethan - 93 TCYSA White

Dallin had a pretty good season.  He struggled with new team dynamics again - everyone had to learn how everyone else played and where they would be and who to pass to, etc....  Towards the end of the season, Dallin scored a goal VS GUSC and tied the game 1-1!

Both boys' seasons ended after state cup round robin play - neither team advanced to the quarterfinals this year.  Next up, TRYOUTS!!

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