Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kildeer - baby!

Every year, we have a Kildeer make a nest somewhere around our house.  The cat goes BONKERS trying to get to it, but the Kildeer parents are well-equipped to deal with predators.  Seriously, they have to be!  It's pretty darn rare in the bird world to have a species that makes a nest ON THE GROUND!  We've never been able to see the Kildeer babies though - they usually hatch at night and they are ready to walk away from the nest.  No little peeping mouths to bring food to or ugly gray, featherless bodies for these guys!  This year, the nest was out back right next to the soccer goal.  Apparently, using good judgment to pick out a nesting spot isn't a character trait in Kildeer!  (We've had them next to farm dumpster, next to the driveway, etc....)  This time we had a special treat though - we got to see the babies!  You've got to look really closely, but a little one is in the grass!

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