Saturday, April 9, 2011

The View from the Office

This is what I can see when I sit at my computer: It is a Carolina Jessamine. It smells AMAZING! It's going to have to be moved though. When Tim was up in the ceiling running electricity, he noticed that the plant has invaded the house. Darn it. We're planning to try and move it to a free-standing arbor. If that doesn't work, we'll buy another one (or 2!) for the arbor.

Kirsten got an American Girl Doll for her birthday this year from Tim's mom! Her name is Rebecca. Hayleigh and Kirsten are having tons of fun playing with dolls! Hayleigh has Elizabeth. Kirsten also has a Fancy Nancy doll (also from Tim's mom!). Fancy Nancy is invited to all of the tea parties and activities that Rebecca and Elizabeth have. Hayleigh wanted to have her ears pierced for her birthday! What a conversation we had on the way to Walmart! Hayleigh also had a very loose tooth. This is how the conversation went:
Hayleigh: My tooth is really loose and it hurts. Does it hurt when they pierce your ears?
Me: It hurts for a minute or two, but not much.
Hayleigh: Does it bleed?
Me: Not really.
Hayleigh: No, I meant my tooth. Does it bleed when I wiggle it this way?
Me: I am driving and can't look at you wiggling your tooth right now.
Hayleigh: Will I cry?
Me: It's just a loose tooth. Pull it out and it won't bother you anymore.
Hayleigh: No, I meant when they pierce my ears.
And on and on for the whole 10 minutes to the store! Every time she said something, I would think she was talking about her tooth and she was annoyed because she was talking about her ears getting pierced, or vice-versa! The earrings are in now. Whew.

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