Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Soccer (and a skink)

Happy Anniversary Brandee and Scott! 2 years today!

I really HATE skinks (known also as blue-tailed lizards)!
If you look very closely under the dolly, you will see a tailess skink. ACK! Apparently he/she/it already discarded it or maybe the cat caught that part of it. GROSS! Thank goodness Tyler was home and helped to try and get it out. I caught the whole fiasco in pictures:

(notice how brave Kirsten is sitting on the chair watching from a distance - hahaha! - AND YES, I KNOW THAT I AM THE BIGGEST CHICKEN STANDING ON THE STAIRS WAY FAR AWAY TAKING THE PICTURES, BUT WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT THAT!)

The skink wasn't located and removed at this time though.....several hours later, I noticed the cat staring at the basket full of dollhouse furniture. Tim was home at that time, so I asked him politely (begged and whined actually!) if he could take the basket outside and dump it and see if the skink was in it. Sure enough, it was and it is now FREE to grow a new tail and STAY outside (if it knows what's good for it!).

I really LOVE soccer! Last Friday night was the annual NIHS Alumni Soccer Game. Keenan played on the Alumni side for the first time and scored 3 goals! Alumni won 5-0.

Saturday was the annual Soccer Jamboree at West High School. It was hot, but the sun wasn't out, so it wasn't as bad as it has been in past years. The games were awesome - we won 2 and lost one. Dallin was subbed on halfway through the first game and received a great pass from Ethan and scored within 3 minutes of coming on! So cool!

Wednesday night, we went up to the high school for our first season games. It was INCREDIBLY HOT! Ethan and Dallin (JV) played first and beat South 2-0 - Dallin got both assists!

Tyler (Varsity) didn't start his game because of dropping a board that was being used as scaffolding on his foot - ouch! He managed to find an ankle wrap and play for a lot of the game though. The varsity won 8-1! It was a great game!

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