Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer......

The girls went backpack shopping last week and guess what Kirsten chose??

How stinkin' cute is this backpack??

I guess it's official - starting next week, my nest will be empty during the school year! Kirsten is so excited to start school! We went to her pediatrician for her kindergarten physical and 3 shots. When we were walking to the van to drive home, she said "THAT REALLY HURT! This is the best day ever! I'm going to school!".

Kyle mailed us all letters last week. We read Kirsten's to her and she got a very mad look on her face! We asked her what was wrong and she said "Kyle didn't write 'dear my most awesome little sister' in there!".

Tim and the boys worked with the cattle yesterday. Specifically the male cattle. Specifically a certain part of the male cattle. Which is no longer on the cattle.

(watching them very closely - think they look a little wary??)

Anyway......I'm planning to work on some more embellishment kits soon. Check the link to the right to go to my embellishment kit site. I will be adding some fall cards, tags and some Halloween things soon too. For those of you who plan ahead, I will be making some Christmas card and tag samples that will be available in whatever quantity you need.


Rosanne said...

Kirsten's backpack IS stinkin adorable!!! :)
I know what Tim and the boys were up to-it's a good thing you have a cattle chute...
I got your email about the embellishment kits. I love them! I'm such a procrastinator...but I intend to order some.
Did Kyle tell you that Mary sent him a letter last spring?

Candice said...

Yes, Kyle told me that he got a letter from Mary. He is not so good at writing letters himself. How is Mary doing?

Rosanne said...

She's getting ready to leave for BYUI in two weeks. Tom and I will officially be empty nesters after 34years of kids in our house! Ack!


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