Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Barn Swallows that weren't swallowed!!

When my parents were visiting recently, we had an interesting 'show' in our carport compliments of 2 black snakes and some barn swallows. I've talked about the stupid barn swallows in a post before - the ones that insist on building their nest near our house instead of IN THE BARN........ Anyway, this year there are 2 barn swallow nests. One is under the deck - we didn't take it down before they layed their eggs, so we had to leave it there. The dog, who spends his days on the deck, goes absolutely nuts trying to get to the nest. It is very funny to watch him cock his head different ways so that he can see between the deck wood into the nest! There is a 2nd nest in the carport.

It is up in the rafters, stuck right on the side. We had to move Tim's Harley because they kept pooping on it. Being in North Carolina, there are a lot of black snakes. They are supposedly 'harmless', but it's still a snake - scary!!! 2 black snakes spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to slither up to the birds' nest. The went around and around and around, but they couldn't get to it.

One snake even tried to use Tim's Harley to get closer. They were very persistent. The baby birds were so quiet and the mom and dad kept flying back and forth and watching - they were so upset!

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toby and amy said...

We had swallows in our front entryway last year and after the babies grew up and flew away, we took the nest down and cleaned up the mess. Well, this spring they came back to build another nest. We were trying to take it down everyday so that they couldn't lat eggs in it, but while we were on vacation, they saw their opportunity. When we got home the nest was whole and there were, of course, eggs inside. I was trying to keep the entryway cleaned up because we are trying to sell our house, but I guess it's too late now!!


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