Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tim's 49th Birthday

Tim turned 49 on January 10th. It's so strange - when we first started dating, we thought 49 year olds were OLD. It doesn't seem so old now!
Anyway, on his birthday, we woke up and started getting ready for church. I happened to look out the bedroom window and saw a cow that I knew was having some issues. Anyone who has worked around cows knows that this mama is in need of help. For those of you who don't know, when a cow gives birth, the calf 'dives' into the world - front feet and head first. This mom had ONE back leg showing. Not good at all. So instead of going to church, Tim put on junk clothes and headed out to assist. Turns out, he had to call the vet in and it took the vet a good amount of time and pulling to get that calf out. The calf obviously was stillborn, but we were able to save the mom. To top it off, when Ethan went down to check the hay at the creek, he found a dead calf there too.

I did make a good dinner and we had good friends of ours come over with a fruit trifle they made for Tim (one of his favorites!), so it wasn't all bad!

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