Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas 2015 Recap

This nicely wrapped gift was hiding my present! Years ago, I had seen a hutch in a pottery barn catalog that I loved. Didn't love the price so much though! Tim surprised me with making a copy of the hutch himself (but much better!!).

Watching Kirsten open a gift.

Still waking up :)

Emmy and her new baby.

Aela observing everything. She doesn't miss anything! (and the curl above her ear is SO DARN CUTE!)

Ethan and Dallin went together on a gift for Tim. They also went together and got me a Hobby Lobby gift card. Love those boys!

Tim opening his new sawhorses.


I have a better photo of the hutch I'll post soon. Christmas was lots of fun, even if it felt like summer!

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