Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I am currently going through a box of crap... I mean treasures...I kept for no good reason and I found lots of Mother's Day cards from my kids.  Let me put in a disclaimer here - I AM NOT MAKING FUN OF MY KIDS!  I love these cards and drawings and poems that they've made me through the years...BUT, we've been having a good laugh about them!

In honor of Mother's Day, here are some of my favorites:

"Moma I loves Ethan" 

Dallin claims he "can't drawl" - but we've lived in the South for 17 years - he can "drawl" with the best of them now!   
And look - he promised he would do the bishes FOR $10!!  hahahaha!

Keenan's card was short and simple - with no writing - he HATED anything to do with school.  

Googly eyes make everything cute!

Hayleigh tried to tell me one of the boys must have done this card HOWEVER, I don't remember every giving one of the boys a Barbie.  

Hey - Ethan made himself a Mother's Day card!  See - it says "happy Mother's Day Ethan".  

Symmetry - it's important.  And Gold Heart Shaped Doilies just scream Mother's Day!

Kyle says he'll always remember me for letting him do stuff he's not supposed to do.  Wonder what those things were???  

It's "chores" NOT "choirs" - which may explain why the "chores" were never done!!??

Ethan also like to wear cloths instead of clothes.  

*Fool of Happiness*

I like being the best mother in the "hole wild world"!!  And he thanked me for watching his soccer game :)

Scrape book.  Love it!

I KNEW one of my kids would have x-ray vision!  And they ALL just pretended to clean their rooms!

I still have rough things to do - especially trying to figure out how to hold my kids tight with open arms.

This is so cute - Kirsten's little fingerprints!

Remember how we all learned to put a finger space in between our words?  

Last but not least, I like to clen the house and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Too bad he didn't draw me clen - ing the house instead of being a couch potato.

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