Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Early Morning Knock at the Door

A couple of weeks ago, I had just gotten home from taking Dallin to school after seminary and I was sitting at the computer checking out my pinterest....and there was a knock at the front door.  One of the guys that hunts on our land was there to let me know that we had some cows out.  Ugh.  Not the best way to start a day.  So, I got Dallin's boots on (NOT crocs this time!!) and headed out the door at 7:40 AM.  I had a feeling the cows had wandered out through the fence that the logging company - TIMBER SPECIALISTS - ruined.  (I'm not sure exactly what they are specialists in --- maybe destroying things??)  It took me a good 20 minutes or so to get the tractor, unhook the fence trailer, and head to the back of the property.  I drove the tractor into the woods as far as I could and then walked to where the fence is broken.  

This is what this company calls "clearing the land".  This just isn't right!!

See the stump??  And the fence post??  Well, that clearly IS NOT the distance away from property lines that they are legally allowed to log.  

Look!  Surprise - here's the cows.  

Another view of the destruction.

I followed the cows back past the tractor - had to leave it there because I couldn't take the time to go start it - it's actually easier to chase the cows in my mini van than it is to try to chase them on the tractor!  On our way back to the pasture, the cows and I played a fun game of hide-and-seek.  They are not the best hiders though. 

I followed the first group of cows to the creek and they showed me the nice little trail and broken creek crossing where they've been getting out.  The bull and the steer (above and below) were the last 2 to show up and go back in the pasture.  Apparently they had the thought that since they were busted, they might as well wait for me to open the gate and save them the trip walking down the creek bed.

I ended up having to sit on a rock in the creek to keep the cows in.  One of the moms had left her calf in the woods during our hide-and-seek game and it didn't follow her back.  I figured too bad....she should have stayed in the pasture with it in the first place.  I kept texting Tim and showing him what was going on with the cow capture operation.  Of course, I had to show him the cuts I had gotten from the sticker bushes.

This is supposed to be a creek crossing designed to keep the cattle in the correct pasture.  They had figured out how to walk under and lift it out of the way like a curtain.  

Can you see the cow behind the log bridge?  She thinks I can't see her since she's hiding her head.  She's actually waiting for me to leave so she can get out again.  After a while, Tim and Tyler got home and fixed the creek crossing (well, at least they thought it was fixed. They got out a couple of days later and I got disgusted.  I sunk a huge corral panel into the creek and that stopped them.)  Anyway, sitting by the creek in the quiet would have been something enjoyable if it wasn't for the cuts on my arms and legs and the awful "Walking Dead" scenes playing over and over in my imagination. I finally got back to the house at 1:15 PM.  Cattle.  It's what's for dinner.

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