Friday, November 22, 2013

Signs of Fall Around the Farm

I actually located the "Thanksgiving Village" this year BEFORE Thanksgiving!  

The candle blocks were a project from a craft day we recently hosted here.  Each guest was to make a craft and then bring enough supplies for everyone else to make the same craft.  It was a really fun day!  (and yes!  That's a ladder in the background - there's some prep work going on to finish painting the walls - yay!!)

"The Ledge" - always have to decorate the ledge for holidays!

Most of the leaves are gone from the trees, but this guy in the front yard is apparently wanting to hold onto his!

I'm sure this lacy-feathery stuff is something that most people are allergic to, but it looks pretty anyway.

Hay's done been put up in the barn.  Yup.  

Teenage male cows aren't all that much different from teenage male humans.  He does this because he can.  The cattle are all getting fuzzy for winter!     

Doesn't that mouthful of dried whatever look yummy??

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