Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Home's Love Story??

I just saw a pin over on Pinterest that said something like 'Your Home's Love Story' and it got me to thinking....I have such a like/hate relationship with the house I live in now. It's hard to love it at this moment.
This photo is the house that we had in Pennsylvania.  I took it the last time I was in PA in 2005.  
Yes, we planted those trees!  They were NOT that big!  Yikes!

It was such a big change when we moved here to NC.  We went from that little lot and not much to take care of to 73 acres and cows and lots of lawn to mow and barns to take care of.  I had a new kitchen and new carpet.  I had a route that I walked ON SIDEWALKS every day.  I had neighbors that were besties and just like family.  I had a fancy grocery store with childcare and I had dozens of cute shops and craft shows that I could go to within minutes.  Starting in September, I could take a short drive and find any number of barns with signs that read "Craft Show today" - filled to the brim with gorgeous stuff!  I could call the butcher and ask for a half side of beef and have it in a week with cuts of meat like "eye roast" and "flank steak". I was organized in PA and had my kids on a schedule and I baked every other day or so.  In our branch, the Relief Society met every month for Homemaking meeting and I learned and I made so many things!

Then we decided to move to NC.  Being on a 73 acre farm has its ups and downs.  The house is constantly under construction and changing.  The driveway is a muddy mess when it rains.  Heck, sometimes it's muddy and it didn't rain!  There's a creature called a 'skink' that gets into my house frequently.  I sometimes have to go in or out a different door because of a snake, or a little something the cat caught and brought to the door. There's always fence to fix and cows to monitor; chickens to check; and ducks to throw bread crusts too.  I don't have a new kitchen here.  In fact, the person that built this house picked out a kitchen design that might have been popular in the 60s even though the house was built in the 80s.  It's blazing hot in the summer and not cold long enough in the winter.  Something called bermuda grass takes over my flower beds (I only have one right now because the outside of the house still needs stucco!) and my vegetable garden.

Maybe in a couple of years I will be able to write a love story about this house.  I have some strong likes that might turn in to loves.  I like that we have 73 acres and no one complains about the drums being played (well, actually, I complain a little) and I can hang up my laundry in my pajamas because no one can see the back porch from the road.  I like that I can see the stars and the meteor showers without city lights interfering.  I like that we have a cat and cows and chickens and a duck.  I like being able to dream about what my kitchen and bathroom will look like some year when they are done.  I like that the summer is long and hot and we can ride the Harley from the beginning of May until the end of October.  I like that we have cattle that we can take to the butcher and have our own meat to put in the freezer even though the butchers here have no earthly idea what an eye roast or flank steak is.

I still miss the craft shows.  And being organized.  And walking on sidewalks.  And having Relief Society meetings every month.  And having an eye roast.  And having neighbors pop in the back door and sharing a bit of their day with me.  

Yep, the jury is still out on this house's love story.

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Suzi Q said...

I love your house because of the love in it. It's comfortable for all the unfinished. I am glad that you moved here. Your friendship is a joy!


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