Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I Hate

I've debated putting up this post for a while, but then I figured, what the heck? It's my blog, I can put whatever I want on it!
So, in no particular order, here are some things I hate:
1 - The cows getting out. It really makes me stress.
2 - People talking to me about things I post here or on Facebook. To me it seems that since I posted it, the conversation about it is over. It's out there. It doesn't need to be discussed.
3 - Not knowing the outcome of the scores of games or how a movie or book is going to end. I will read the ending first and if I like it, then I will read the book. It doesn't ruin it for me at all, even though people give me grief about it. I also DVR movies and will fast forward to the end to see if it's worth my time to watch the movie. Sitting at my kids' soccer games and track things can almost make me sick to my stomach...not knowing how it's going to end!
4 - The stupid 'tradition' of buying a 'smash' cake for a first birthday and taking photos of the birthday kid making a mess with it. It's just gross. And sticky and a waste of money.
5 - Dusting. and cleaning windows...nope, not my favorite things.
6 - Not having enough time to put my own house in order because my 'order helper' is helping everyone else.
7 - The days when I feel like everything I do is a waste of time because it's just going to get dirty/messy/dusty/slept in/muddy/whatever again anyway.
8 - When people make a statement and expect me to respond. I wasn't asked a question. If you were comfortable enough to make the statement, you don't need a yes/no/comment from me.
9 - People assuming I'm depressed because I like to be alone. Sometimes I just like my own company. I can read or scrapbook or watch a movie without someone saying "MMMMOOOOMMMMMYYYYY". It's kind of nice actually!

Okey-dokey. That's enough for now.


Susan Staus said...

LOL! Sometimes the spell check on my computer is broken! :)

I don't do that smash cake thing, they can make a mess out of their piece of the cake, not their own little cake.

I love my alone time too! And I only have 3 kids. But I do have to admit, that sometimes it is because I'm depressed and don't want to be around happy bubbly people and what not. But I normally do like to just get some sewing done or whatnot without interruptions.

I think it will be fun to look back on this post and for your kids to look back on, especially if you turn your blog into book, speaking of which... I really need to get my 2010 blog book done.

Scott and Brandee Merkley said...

Ya know, I think that I know who a lot of this is directed at. That is possibly the best part. And thank you for telling me these I will know to do them more often...just kidding. I choose life.


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