Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fourth of July

Yes, I know today isn't the 4th of July...I wanted to post some pictures of what we did on the 4th...And don't be complaining about me not posting them no later than July 5th. I just didn't get to it! We went to a family friends' place in Hickory and had a BLAST! Even though it thunderstormed a little, at least it wasn't SO DANG HOT you were sweating just sitting still. I hate those days! The kids were able to swim in the Lake (Lake Hickory) and we watched a way better fireworks show than if we would've stayed in Statesville!

Kirsten's face when she jumped in and realized that even with the life jacket on her face still went under the water...

Hayleigh jumping in and floating around. She LOVES water!

Ethan playing with Kirsten in the water - check out those muscles Ethan has! yikes!

Dallin and Ethan playing around

Hayleigh and Kirsten jumping in (once Kirsten got used to the water!)

Kirsten in the water at sunset - love this pinkish color!

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