Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Glimpse of Keenan....

Here's the last thing we saw of Keenan ----

We've heard from him a couple of times..
He forgot some things that he wanted me to mail to him. He's sad that Kirsten cried when he left (we keep telling him that it's okay --- she knows that he's on his mission!). He wrote that he's been doing well teaching and that he likes laundry day because he can't stand having dirty clothes around.

He leaves the MTC tomorrow for his mission area. In my links on the right, there's a blog called "mama winn's" - that's his Mission President's wife's blog. I hope to see some photos of him on there. But, hopefully not the same as the one above!

1 comment:

Rosanne said...

Your house must seem awfully quiet with both of the older boys gone.


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