Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easter Dresses!

Lately, Kirsten has been testing some new personality traits that are funny....but not good at all. For example, she REALLY didn't want to go to bed a couple of nights ago. Tim put her on her bed and said good night to her. She sat on top of her bed with her legs and arms crossed for 20 MINUTES and kept telling everyone "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP". 20 minutes is a long time for a 5-almost-6 year old to consistently be a brat!

The girls and I went to Kohl's yesterday (love that place!). Kirsten wanted to take about 10 Barbies with us, which I said was fine as long as they stay in the van. We got in the van and Hayleigh told Kirsten to buckle up. Kirsten said she 'couldn't' put on her seat belt. Of course this started a 'MOM GUESS WHAT SHE'S DOING' conversation..... I turned around and said "Kirsten, you need to buckle up to be safe and we are not going anywhere until you put on your seat belt." Kirsten replied, "I can't put it on. My freakin' Barbies are in the way." Seriously hard not laugh...but she still shouldn't be saying stuff like that!!

Anyway, we made it to Kohl's and found a really cute dress that came in BOTH Hayleigh's and Kirsten's sizes!


Miracles on Madison Street said...

love them!!!

Rosanne said...

Your girls are adorable!

Susan Staus said...

20 minutes! My 5 year old can go longer. He'll do it for a whole hour at quiet time. If daddy's home it doesn't last too long because he gets into deep trouble for keeping it up for so long.
Cute dresses!! I'm so excited to be able to buy dresses and put pretty little flowers in a girls hair.


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