Friday, September 3, 2010

The Year of the Butterfly

There have been so many butterflies this year! It's amazing - every time I go outside, I see butterflies. (and I love my new camera!)

Kirsten has had a hard week. She really doesn't like the actual going to school - once she gets to school, she doesn't seem to mind it too much (she had a couple of crying episodes). She likes art and music and PE, but she doesn't like to be at school without Tim or me. I feel so bad for her! It makes me want to keep her home, but in the long run, that would NOT help her. If I didn't LOVE our elementary school, I would probably homeschool her. Our cute little country school is AWESOME! I keep telling myself that she'll get over's been a long week for all of us!

The boys had 2 great games last night! Ethan and Dallin won 1-0! There was a funny part where Ethan (his words) "totally schooled that kid" and then he tripped over the ball and he turned and told everyone that he "totally schooled myself"! It was so great to see him laugh at himself! Ethan has had problems where he expects perfection from himself and then takes his head right out of the game. Dallin had some great moves and had the most beautiful pass.....right past the defenders and through to our attacking player's run! Wish I taped that one!

The Varsity won 4-1! It was amazing! NIHS is a 3A school and we played a school that is beating all of their 4A competition - their last 6 games were wins - we were their first loss of this year. Tyler got a fantastic goal!

For those of you wondering, we are too far inland for Hurricane Earl. We didn't even get rain. We are looking forward to the weather that is coming tomorrow after Earl moves on up the coast. Instead of the 95+ degrees we've been having for the past several weeks, it is supposed to be in the low 80s for a little while. Fall is on its way!

Speaking of fall, I am hoping to have a few more of my 'summer' sandwiches before the tomatoes are gone for the season. To me, there is nothing better to eat in the summer than a garden fresh tomato sandwich. The tomatoes in the store just aren't the same at all.


Susan Staus said...

Just like my hubby... he'll only eat tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from his parents garden (we don't have enough sun to grow any at our house.) It's make dinner in the summer sooo easy!

I feel so bad for Kristen, that is so sad!!!

What's your new camera? I hoping in Feb when they all go on sale, supposedly those sales are better then the before Christmas ones, I can buy a new one.

Candice said...

Susan - I have a Panasonic Lumix
Fz35 - I LOVE IT! I bought mine from Amazon - it was the best price at the time. It is so easy to use - the pictures I took of the butterflies were done with the 'ia' (intelligent autofocus) setting. I just pointed and clicked as I was walking up the driveway to the bus stop one afternoon. I can also do 3 hours of HD video which is perfect for the kids' soccer games and band concerts!


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