Thursday, July 8, 2010

The South

There are many things that I love about living in the South - the mild winters, the LONG motorcycle riding season, the BLUE-BLUE-BLUE sky, the farms....

but there is one thing I hate about the South - the plethora of nature that finds its way into my house.

Specifically this little guy - the Skink. The smell, the slitheryness, the way they lose their tails when they get scared or feel threatened. AND ESPECIALLY THE WAY THEY GET IN MY HOUSE!!!

There was a live one of these AND a dead one downstairs today. The dog won't even eat them, so you know there is something not right about them (our dog eats just about ANYTHING - even cow poop, but not skinks!). I have a lot of run-ins with these guys too - there was one a couple of weeks ago in my clothespin basket and one in the bathroom the week before that...and sometimes they get in my crocs if I leave them outside. I have learned to look before I touch anything!

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