Monday, July 12, 2010

Down on the Farm

This new calf is a brat! It never stays close to its mother and we can hear her calling it and then it moos back, but it never walks to her - it waits til she goes to it! I'm thinking that is a little high maintenance!

Our motley crew of chickens is getting braver every day. They are wandering towards the house and checking out the barn.

One of the chickens is very small. She doesn't seem to mind being held. The girls named her "chipmunk" because when we first got her, she was a little brown ball with a stripe down her back. She looks more like a pigeon now, but the name is stuck!

The peaches are awesome this year! A friend of ours picked up a few bushels for me when he went to South Carolina (thanks Scott!) and I spent 2 days canning. In addition to making a fresh peach cobbler and eating lots of cut up peaches sprinkled with sugar, I canned 28 quarts of peaches. I made and canned peach butter and peach pie filling too - they both smelled so good! And while I was at it, I made some zucchini relish and canned that too! I had the canner outside on the deck on the gas grill burner, so the house didn't heat up too much....but I sure did make a sticky mess with the peaches! Everything in the kitchen was sticky.

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