Monday, May 10, 2010

Just some random stuff

Mother's Day was good - I got to talk with Kyle and then we had our friends (and neighbors!) over for dinner. I got a yummy candle from Alex (pumpkin - my favorite!), 2 cakes baked in flowerpots (one each from Hayleigh and Kirsten), a memory card for my new camera, 2 beautiful red begonias from Scott and Lorenzo (thanks so much!), and a rose from Kyle (so sweet!).

Kirsten was a crack up this past week! She said some funny things! She came upstairs one day with a pacifier in her mouth. Since she is 5 now, this is REALLY not a good thing! I told her that she shouldn't have a pacifier and to take it out of her mouth. She quickly grabbed it and hid it behind a water bottle on the counter and said "I don't know what you are talking about" and calmly walked away.

She was helping Tim outside a couple of days ago by using the big magnet to get all of the metal pieces (screws, nails, staples, etc.) out of the burn piles. She finished one pretty well and Tim told her to start working on the other burn area and she said "I have an idea. How about you do it?". She also told Tim that she "Knows everything. absolutely. everything."

What a stinker!

Tyler and Ethan had the NPC (north piedmont conference) track championships last week. They both did really well! Tyler came in 4th with a time of 52.63 in the 400 - hopefully he'll be competing in regionals! Ethan came in 5th in the 300M hurdles with a time of 45.03 - which is amazing for only doing hurdles 3 times!

Hayleigh has her Girls on the Run 5K this Saturday and Ethan will be turning 15 on Sunday! Ethan recently changed his hairstyle ----

Dallin finished up both his middle school soccer season (whew - Tim is done coaching for awhile!) and his club soccer season. The school team won their last game - only the 2nd win of the season - 1-0 with Dallin getting the assist on the goal! For his club team, they won the state cup play-in game and then lost 2 games and won 1, so his club team won't be going to final 4 this year. Next up will be tryouts for club and then open fields for the fall soccer season at the High School - hopefully Tyler, Ethan and Dallin will all make the team!

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Hey! I called on Mother's Day too!


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