Sunday, May 30, 2010

How we Pranked the Boys!

We got them good!!

Last night, we had dinner over at our friends' house. While we were sitting on the deck, the boys saw a van go by that looked 'exactly' like ours. Same color, roof rack, mud and all. They SWORE that it was our van and that we should go home and check.

When it was time to go home, the boys decided to walk (it's not very far - like 2 miles maybe). Tim, the girls and I were standing there talking to our friends and watching the boys walk down the road. Tim said that it would be funny to hurry home and hide the van and let the boys think that someone did steal it! We hurried home and did just that. Tim parked the van behind the house and when the boys got home we told them that the police were on the way so we could file a claim. They called several of their friends and told them to watch for a van that looked like ours. Tim told them to go downstairs and make sure nothing else was stolen. One of the boys saw the van and back and they all ran out - here's the really funny part - they opened the doors to make sure nothing was stolen and one of them said "don't touch the steering wheel; there could be fingerprints on it." Tim and I started laughing - we just couldn't help it. The boys caught on that they were being pranked and were mad at first and then started laughing too. One of them texted his friend and said "pranked by the rents - the van wasn't stolen". Those poor boys - ending up with us as their parents!

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