Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Kyle.....

Mom and Dad and Broskies and Sisteriewhatevers,

Well, I just moved to a different house today. Just down the street. Same area, same companion. I had a lot of crap to move. And I think I'm gonna send my green and pin stripe suits home. I never wear them. But it would be great to get 2 more suits 1 black and 1 grey like the ones we got at target. I think that I'm gonna send home the 2 nice shoes also. Cuz I do a lot of walking. A lot.
I hope everything is going well.
I have to say thank you mom and dad for teaching me everything.
We are seeing about 45 people. 5 have baptism dates. Some are really stubborn.
We've been working really hard. And Dad guess what?!
1) I put in blown-in insulation in for the family I was living with.
2) Everyone has come to me for special service projects.

Tell everyone in the family thanks for the support and the memories that we have. It really helps in this spiritually exhausting work. Our experiences also help with questions. Everyone thinks that you have to be perfect if you're a Mormon. And it is quite the opposite. When you live righteously, you're free. Not uptight!
Well, gotta keep on unpacking. Keep Nampa South II in your prayers. Prayers work.

tell dad not to put his hand under the saw when he is trying to cut. it helped me a lot. i just thought that i would share some advice.

can you send some of those egg rolls out here to me? just kidding

transfers came in and i am staying in the same area, at the same address, just with a different companion.

tell dad i said thank you for all the talks that we had in the van on the way to work, that were about the scriptures. every body is coming to me to ask for help in their class to teach. i am really helping the members understand the why's in the scriptures and the how's. in the gospel principals class, every one just looks at me. like the teacher will start the topic and then just wait for me to put it together through the scriptures for every one. if nothing sparks they just try to start a conversation and when something clicks that would be easy for the other people in the class, that is when i start and then tie in the confusing things for them to understand them easier.

anyway, i have to go shopping now. thanks for teaching me to shop for good deals mom. it is really helpful.

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Susan Staus said...

Aaaw! Such a nice boy you have!!!
And Brother Watson, you were an awesome seminary teacher!!! I just wish it wasn't so early in the morning so I could have focused better.
You two must be so proud of Kyle!! Way to go!! I hope I can be at least half the parents you are!! Thank you for being a wonderful role model in my life!!!!!!


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