Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Stuff

It has been very cold here recently - so cold that our ponds were frozen! Our poor ducks would try to chip a hole in the ice every day. Sometimes they would get enough of an area to swim in and some days, it wouldn't work. I couldn't figure out why they didn't go up to the barn and stay where it's warmer in the hay. They are in the barn almost all the time - we were thinking we might have the only ducks who didn't like water. Not sure why they waited until it was so cold to go in the water.

The boys decided to check out the ice too and Dallin learned that you should NEVER walk on ice with both hands in your pockets. What a black eye he had! It's healing slowly - now it's the yellows and greens of an old bruise.

Tim (and the boys)put in a beautiful wood floor in the new office. I can't wait to move into the office - it's also going to be my scrapbook/crafting room.

The insulation was blown in this week. What a mess it makes!

The old stonework came down on the fireplace so that Tim can put his MUCH nicer stonework up and so that we can put a flat screen TV up too.

Keenan hurt his ankle playing soccer on the front yard - just in time to tryout for a new club team, of course.


toby and amy said...

wow! looks like you have had some great injuries! and I LOVE your office floor!

Susan Staus said...

Looks wonderful!!! I love wood floor!!


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