Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was so much fun! It was great to have Brandee and Scott here for 2 weeks.

We went to Old Salem and enjoyed an organ concert - it was beautiful! Then we walked around - the weather was perfect and Old Salem was gorgeous as usual. Don't look too closely at this photo, because Keenan was being a goofball - from a distance this photo is nice.

Some more from Old Salem:

We also went to Zootastic which is a new place that opened in Troutman - they had a drive-thru Christmas lights thing that was nice. Our good friends Scott and Lorenzo came along too. There was a point in the drive-thru where you could get out and go look at animals in a barn. They had some goats and a HUGE horse and a zebra and some camels (look out! they spit!) and a kangaroo to pet. Kangaroos are so soft! Kirsten wanted to pet it again but couldn't think of what it was called, so she bent her arms and pretended to hop like a kangaroo and said "I want to pet the....(hop, hop, hop)" That was cute!

Christmas day was rainy and cold, but it was nice to finally get some pictures without the stupid "sunspots" that I usually end up with. Please ignore the walls and the floor - they are works in progress!

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Susan Staus said...

I love your picture on the top of you blog!!!! So beautiful!!!!

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!


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