Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Everything got so green outside in such a short time! The cars are coated with pollen, the outdoor table sets are sporting a green dusting and the lawn is filled with dandelion wishes. I haven't seen the actual yellow dandelions in our yard - just the wishes, which the girls are happily blowing around. I'm sure next year I will have a bumper crop of dandelions! Kyle has been working very hard building a garden for us out back. He and I put the plants in it yesterday - I will take some pictures and post them soon! Kirsten 'helps' him, mostly by riding her little bike around and talking to him constantly. She loves been outside, but is not very fond of the animal side of nature. She screams at all the skinks and runs when a carpenter bee flies to close to her. My favorite word of hers right now is "callapitter". We've tried to correct her, but she says, "Look at me. It's a callapitter. Say it with me." I've also been told by her that we don't use 'rakes' to rake up the leaves, we use 'brakes'. The girls planted 2 patches of sunflowers in the new garden. I can't wait til they see how big they get!

We are coming to the end of the soccer season - which is also the end of the club that we have been faithful to for 8 years. I was thinking the other day about what I will miss and what I won't miss at all. Here's a start to the list:

What I will miss:
Yelling "GO YOU BLUE!!"
Cheering my kids on when they are on the field.
Watching the kids play the sport they love.
Traveling to different cities and states for soccer tournaments.
Having the clothesline full of blue and white jerseys and red shorts every Monday morning.
Listening to all the Harry Potter books on CD while we travel.
All the friends that we have made through the years - we will still keep in touch with some of them, but it's not like sitting next to them cheering our kids on.

What I won't miss:
Losing games (I know it's part of sports - but I really hate to lose!).
Sweating to death.
Freezing to death.
Getting sunburned.
Getting bug bites - especially those darn fire ants!
Horrible refs.
Listening to the "Kyle tirade" after every game.
THE SMELL - cleats, shinguards, socks, boys......yuck!!!

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Yamile said...

I miss NC green Springs. Not that Spring isn't pretty here, but those dogwood flowers! To die for! I don't miss the pollen coating everything though. My allergies started the Spring I was pregnant with Maga, and every year, they come more furiously.
How bittersweet to end a chapter in life. I'm really sad right now because we won't see our beloved preschool teacher next year--Areli doesn't turn three until November.
How these kids grow! How fun, but how sad at the same time!


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