Wednesday, July 4, 2007

You just need to be old

We went as a family last night to see fireworks at the local mall. Kirsten was so excited because the other kids were laughing and talking about fireworks. They were asking her if she wanted to see the fireworks - she would say "YES!" and shake with anticipation. Someone walked by where we were sitting and threw some firecrackers in a bush. Kirsten loved it! Then the first firework went into the air - we all have no idea what color is was because we were busy watching Kirsten's face. It went BOOM and her mouth dropped open, she turned around, got on my lap and hid her face. I don't think she even saw one firework. I couldn't get her to turn her head. After the short show (and I mean short! - like 10 minutes), we went back to the van. The kids asked Kirsten if she liked the fireworks and she said "yes". Then they asked her if she wanted to see more. She said "NO". One of the kids said "don't worry, you'll like them next year - you'll be 3 then."

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

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