Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Complications in Life

I am a glutton for punishment. Two times this week I took more than 2 children to the grocery store. Am I crazy or what??! I've had to go to the grocery store alot recently because we had our water tested and there is a bacteria in it - so we've had to buy lots of bottled water until we add an ultraviolet light and bleach everything. Anyway, on the way home from the water bottle run today, it looked like yet another bad storm was coming. I said, "It looks like it's going to storm - look at the sky. Watch for lightning." (giving them something to look for sometimes keeps them quiet for 1 or 2 seconds) Hayleigh (who can't keep quiet - EVER) said, "I like thunderstorms. Do you know why? Because one year on my birthday it rained and one year there was a calf born." Since I am used to Hayleigh-logic, I didn't think anything of it, but I knew Dallin wouldn't get it. I glanced at his face - he looked so confused! He said, "I don't understand Hayleigh. She is a very complicated girl." I thought - JUST YOU WAIT! Complicated girls will be the story of your WHOLE life, little boy!

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Matt and Erin said...

HA! I can't wait to hear some of the things Alida has to say some day!! They say the darndest things and I just love it!!


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