Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Summer Summer

Tim and I had the opportunity to go to the Mid-Ohio IndyCar race! So much fun to get a weekend away together! Ohio was really pretty - the wildflowers grew right up against the roads and there were farms everywhere. We drove past a lot of fields and pastures and farms, and then all of a sudden - there was the racetrack!

Keenan and Tim

American Classics ;)

We've been having so many storms this summer. MAJOR storms - not just little "it's too hot today so there will be a thunderstorm in the afternoon" storms. 

This is the road that we always take to town. Going to be traveling a different way for a little bit. 

They said "2 weeks" but I'm wondering if that's like the movie Money Pit when they tell Tom Hanks that it will be "2 weeks" to finish his house!

What a mess!

Mallory went back to work and I get to watch Layten and his new little brother Aven! Such a sweet little baby!

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