Sunday, December 17, 2017

Road Trip to Utah

We (Tim, Dallin, Hayleigh, Kirsten, and I) drove out to Utah over Thanksgiving break so we could see family - especially our new granddaughter who was due to be born on 11/16.

We got delayed in Wyoming for awhile because the road was closed and there really wasn't a good way around. We found a place to have some lunch and just waited it out.

All of the trucks waited too! We slowly drove over the snowy/icy highway and were only about 5 hours behind.

Baby Louisa was born on 11/17 as we were driving! We went right to the hospital to see her, even though it was 10 PM!

Hayleigh outside at Brandee & Scott's.

The mountain view from Brandee & Scott's deck.

Hayleigh and Kirsten took Mia outside to play several times.

We went to SLC and spent time with Tyler, Caitlin, and the girls. We went to a really cool mall and stopped at Lion House to get warm rolls with honey butter - HEAVENLY!

SLC Temple at night waiting for the Christmas lights to be turned on for the first time this season.


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