Friday, September 20, 2013

Last High School Soccer Season

Even though the girls might play soccer (Hayleigh really doesn't care, and Kirsten would rather hang out at home), it is surreal that this is our last year ever of having a son playing high school soccer!  We've been doing this for so many years, it's going to seem so very strange next fall.... Overall, it's been so much fun!  There's been many highs and proud moments - like Kyle being voted to receive the Raider Award by his team mates, Keenan scoring the most goals his senior year, Tyler making the Record and Landmark all-county team, Ethan getting the MVP award his senior year, and Dallin being the top scorer for the JV team.  There's also been many stressful moments - like Kyle breaking his nose during a game, Keenan getting a yellow card while he was waiting to be subbed in, Tyler getting a red card because he was the last defender and fouled a player who had a goal scoring opportunity, Ethan dislocating his shoulder several times in games, and Dallin getting 5 yellow cards in 7 games and having to sit out a game in the beginning of the season!
(and yes, Brandee, had I realized that your sisters aren't all that interested in playing soccer, I would've had a blog post just like this one for your last season.  You never know, I still might post some of those photos anyway!!) 

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B. Merkley said...

It might not be my last season! With my indoor team starting up next week and try-outs for the Utah Starzz or Real Salt Lake Women's team, you might have more to blog/get pictures of!! So, no apologies needed yet. :-)


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