Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Smart is the Average Duck?

This duck (the only one of 10 we have left - thanks to the snapping turtles) watches for me in the hall window, then he starts quacking and carrying on until I bring him some bread crusts.  The funny thing is, he only reacts that way when he sees me through the window!

His 'quack' sounds more like he is saying 'bread-bread-bread', so that's what we call him now.  Tim suggested that we feed him from our hands since he's so used to us now.  Kirsten was up for the challenge, so she put the bread in her hand and squatted down near the duck.  Apparently her fingers look a lot like bread crusts to Bread, so he grabbed one and pulled Kirsten right into the flower bed!  Kirsten said "Well that was a good idea Dad. Not." 

This is the look I get from the cat when I take bread outside for the duck - why?? Because believe it or not,  SHE WANTS BREAD TOO!  Strange, isn't it?

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