Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hayleigh wrote a "newspaper" article (note the reference to our favorite guy Harry Potter!) about our poor chickens.  It seems something that lives near by loves to have the occasional chicken for a meal!  We bought chicken wire and gave them an enclosed area thinking that it would serve 2 purposes - 1) keep the chickens out of the garden; 2) keep them protected.  It seemed to work for a little while.  Then the stupid rooster "Hedwig" (yes, it's also from Harry Potter!) figured out how to get out.  He's nasty too - he will go after anyone!  The girls have gotten into the habit of carrying a piece of PVC around to whack him when they need to.  A couple of nights ago, something got into the chicken house and killed another hen :(  

The moon was very pretty one night!  It's been humid here this summer and it was such a spooky setting with the haze all around the moon and the fog drifting around.  

It has been an amazingly wet summer!  Last I heard, we were 9" over normal rainfall.  Usually by this time of year, we are debating on whether or not to give the cattle some hay because the grass is so dried out.  The above photo of the pond shows the bridge to the island - the water is right up to the bottom of it!

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