Monday, August 27, 2012

Whew - what a summer!

Yes, that is a photo (and the actual color!) of the sky before a storm!  We had some wicked storms this summer season!
Summer went so quickly this year!  First time for Hayleigh to go to Girls' Camp; the boys went to Scout Camp (Ethan's last year as a camper!); the boys also went to Youth Conference (TREK, again!); Tyler and Caitlin's wedding; open fields for soccer; Dallin went to drivers' ed class; Ethan had some classes at MIT (Mitchell-in-town HAHAHA!); work....swimming....movies....stuff....etc....
The kids are back to school today.  It sure is quiet around here.  Except for the mooing and the crowing and Tim's sawing in the shop...well, heck, I guess it isn't that quiet!

But, I do have time to add some blog posts!  Yay!

Here's a story from this morning:
Tim and I walked Kirsten up to the bus stop for her first day of SECOND grade!.....we thought we left early enough, but we saw the bus stopping already right up the road!  So we ran a little...and it wasn't Kirsten's bus, but Dallin's bus 25 minutes EARLY!!  oh well, he only needed to take the bus today and tomorrow anyway since early morning seminary starts on Wednesday and he'll go from church to school every morning.  SO, I ended up driving Dallin to school (and then driving Ethan an hour later!- GEEZ!).  On the way to school, Dallin told me he has an easy schedule this semester...In his words:
"I have US History; English III;  weight training - where you lift stuff; Horticulture -where you grow stuff, probably like a garden; and Spanish - it's like you learn another language."  Really? Just like learning another language??  Good Luck with that :)

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