Monday, March 26, 2012

Tyler and the Kite

Sometime last year, Tyler got our kite stuck way up in a tree. Tim told him he needed to get it down, so last week Tyler got some rope and climbed up the tree (using those awesome tree climbing skills he learned in COPE at Scout Camp!) to get the kite.

He texted me from up in the tree - goofy boy.

He also forgot to take anything up with him to cut down the branch with the kite. Hayleigh sent an ax up to him and he whacked the branch down. Now we have our kite back and some new firewood :)

Dallin recently became interested in tennis and baseball. He has the games for his PSP. I turned on the tennis match yesterday and it said "ATP". Dallin asked me if that stood for "actual tennis players". I guess when you live in a virtual game world you need to check sometimes to see if the athletes are actual players!

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