Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where in the World is Tim??

Ethan had his first soccer tournament with his new TCYSA team. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and Ethan played FANTASTIC! Until he got knocked into his goalie and knocked out and injured a tooth....then we got to spend 6 hours in a local ER waiting for the CT Scan results since he was unconscious for a minute.

Instead of bothering Tim at work and trying to find out where he is so I can start dinner, I've been using the Latitude app on my phone. Tim is in some really strange places sometimes!! One time when he was in Charlotte, the phone 'located' him in New York. When I refresh it, it usually puts him in the right place....But this time, I had to get a photo of where it located him! I know Tim drives fast, but not this fast! - he was working in Hickory this particular day, and this is where my phone showed him:

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