Monday, October 10, 2011

Letters from Keenan

July 25th, 2011 -
I am doing good. I make investigators feel comfortable cause i just sit and don't say anything and just listen to them. (sorry having a hard time typing i broke all four knuckles in my right hand playing basketball. it hurts so badly. its so swollen). I love working with little kids.

My most favorite thing to do is go to the temple. I feel the spirit so much now; I can't get enough.

And I wear 32x32. Not that apt9; they're a little tight. I bought one pair from walmart 32x32 - perfect. But i have enough black. Yes, I need more socks. Everytime I do laundry I lose a pair. Jeez

And I can't wait to come home and play soccer. Can you find me a good team??

And that's a bummer with Ethan and surgery. The only thing I like at the hospital is the warm blankets. hahahaha

Pioneer day was bigger than fourth of July. Utah is dumb. It was a huge parade and President Monson was in it. pretty kool. they took away our p-day so we could street contact all during the parade.

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