Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School!

Another summer gone....the first day of school is today.

I took Hayleigh and Kirsten to their schools for open house on Tuesday. Hayleigh is now at the middle school and Kirsten is still in elementary. Hayleigh and Kirsten will not attend school with any siblings again. I don't know if that's good or bad!

As the girls and I were walking in to Cool Spring to find out who Kirsten has as her first grade teacher, Hayleigh asked her who she wanted. Kirsten told her the name of the teacher she would like and was SO excited when she found out she has her for first grade!! Kirsten put her fist in the air and shouted 'yes'! Then we went to Kirsten's classroom. She looked around and in a very disappointed voice said, "it's the same people as last year." I had to explain to her that all of the children she was in kindergarten with are now in first grade too!

Hayleigh has been a nervous wreck since she found out she has to change clothes for PE, change rooms for classes and she has to deal with a locker. She brought a map of the school home and traced her daily route several times.

Kirsten was a little upset this morning when she realized that Hayleigh was not going to be on the bus with her, but she got over it. Thank goodness!

Ethan and Dallin are taking the bus in the morning because early morning seminary doesn't start yet. They walked to the end of the driveway with Hayleigh at 7:30.

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