Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Living is the Life for me!

Well, most days it is anyway. Like when it's just rained and there is mist and water drops and the world is green.

And then there are days when it's a big pain in the neck to live on a farm! Like when you wake up on a Saturday morning that you haven't scheduled anything for (other than taking a break!) and the cows have decided that no farmer should EVER get a break, so they leave their green pastures for the green yard!


Anonymous said...

Hi Candice

Great farm photos. I arrived at your blog from FaceBook.

That stand Tim made for your craft paper is pretty impressive.

Cheers - Dafyd.

Susan Staus said...

Love the photos!!!

Rosanne said...

Your farm looks lovely...even with the cows in your yard! LOL


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