Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, It's FINALLY cold outside!

I know it sounds a little crazy to be thankful for the cold....but it's kind of nice to actually have it feel like winter! Tim and the boys started the remodel of the 'old' part of the house over the Christmas break and we are hoping our new heating unit will be in soon! It's nice to have it feel like winter OUTSIDE, not INSIDE!

Last night Dallin was helping with the remodel by working on the insulation in the attic. He forgot to step only on the trusses though, and ended up falling through the ceiling and landing on a ladder. Thankfully Kyle saw him fall and flipped over a stud loaded with nails before Dallin landed. Dallin got up, went to his room and then realized that he had injured his legs. He scuffed up his collar bone, got a bump on his head and got 17 stitches in 3 of the lacerations on his thighs. The ER doctor said to watch for him to say things that don't make sense and for any abnormal behavior. That kind of made us laugh because anyone who knows Dallin is well aware that he says things that don't make sense frequently!
(before and after stitches)

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