Tuesday, September 30, 2008

20 Clay Pots

I have been very preoccupied for a couple of days. Tim and the boys have been working on 'things' and 'stuff' up in the tractor barn (which doesn't have any tractors in it right now because of the 'things' and 'stuff'). One of the boys brought a box down to me that had 3 full bags from AC Moore in it. Thinking I hit the crafting mother lode, I happily opened the bags. Guess what? Inside the box, in the bags, carefully wrapped up are 20 clay pots complete with 20 clay bases. What the heck was I going to make with 20 clay pots and bases? 20 Angels? 20 candles? 20 potted herbs in painted pots to give to friends? 20 bird houses?

Honestly, I have I no idea - I don't even remember buying the pots. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

(and stay tuned - you just might be surprised with a clay pot gift!)

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