Thursday, August 14, 2008


We've been enjoying some awesome weather lately! It's been really comfortable for August - 80s during the day and 50-60s at night. Keenan has had band camp this week and Brandee and Kyle are playing the 'it's so not fair' game that Keenan isn't sweltering like they always did. Band camp is from 8 AM to 8 PM, so I am very grateful that the weather has been good (so is Keenan!).
The little girls were blowing bubbles outside the other night and I took a picture of each of them - WOW - what blue eyes they have!! That would be the Dutch ancestry showing through.
We are working like crazy to get things ready for our trip out to Utah and for the reception here. Brandee, Ethan and I went to some stores in Charlotte today and found some big bowls and floating candles to use as table decorations. I also found a black bench for our entry way downstairs and some new throw rugs for in front of the new bathtub and the sink in the kitchen. I also bought.... (guess I better stop now before I give myself a panic attack).

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