Friday, February 1, 2008

5th try worked!

Keenan passed the learner's permit test on the 5th try! The officer was so happy, she gave him a hug! I don't know if he's actually driven yet, but he has shown alot of people the permit.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us. Ethan is playing in an honor's band concert today and tomorrow - the other boys will be playing soccer tomorrow - Kyle in Fayetteville and Keenan, Tyler and Dallin in Charlotte. Then all 5 boys will be playing soccer on Sunday - Kyle back in Fayetteville and the others in Charlotte. It's raining really hard here today, so I know that tomorrow will be muddy. I'm sure I'll be washing soccer uniforms tomorrow night.

I finally put the Christmas pictures on the computer. Or I should say, Tim YET AGAIN showed me how to download them. Anyway, Kirsten had a unique way of looking at the tree. She would lay on the floor and scoot under the tree and look up at the lights. I remember doing that when I was little too.

Our new bathroom is pretty much done. We need a door and a shower curtain and some curtains for the window (and some little things - like a toilet paper holder and THE DOOR!), but it looks great! Tim has worked so hard on the addition these past years!

We have been a little sad this week. The President of our church, Gordon B. Hinckley passed away last Sunday night. He was the President for 13 years, guiding our church out of obscurity with the many media interviews he participated in. He ordered the construction of Temples around the world like no other President before him had. He lived an exemplary life for 97 years and endured to the end despite the death of his wife almost four years ago and recent cancer treatments. He introduced our family to the six "Bs:" Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful. He will be thought of often in our family - mostly for his energy and optimism. He spoke many times of how grateful we should be that those who lived before us toiled so hard to give us the life that we enjoy now and that we should never take for granted all of our blessings. He always looked forward to what was coming next (whatever it might be).

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Erin said...

WOW! Could you imagine if they each had to be in different towns for their games?! The bathroom looks gorgeous!


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