Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life goes on

Keenan is slowly adapting to life with limited ability to do anything for himself. Two of the funniest things that have happened so far are:

He wanted to take a bath (and we wanted him to take one too!), so we tied plastic bags around his arms and filled up the tub. Then we left him alone to get ready for the bath. After a couple minutes, he yelled, "I can't do anything with these stupid bags on my hands!" I guess we should have waited until he was basically ready to get into the tub to put the bags on. Live and learn.

The second funny thing is he went out to the back deck and pulled the door closed behind him. He couldn't open the door to get back in and it took us a little while to figure out why. He ended up just banging his head against the door in disgust.

Kirsten is reciting the alphabet - Kirstenstyle. After listening to her over and over - this is how it goes: a b c d ki kay kay n o p q r i t bu v w x y z
now I wonder what you are......

It's the alphabet with some Twinkle Twinkle Little Star thrown in for variety.

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