Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soccer isn't life

After much drama this week, we have all but one child on teams for next season. We need to have the child's approval for where we want him to play - so I've got to wait for him to get home from school.

But, the real story is that Brandee was in a car accident - she's slightly banged up and carless now, but it could've been MUCH worse.

Sometimes it takes a shock like that to make you realize what's REALLY important: being together as a family.

We're still working hard on the addition to the house. We're really hoping for a June move-in! It's so exciting! Brandee was afraid she'd never get to move into the addition before she left for college (and at times I was afraid she was right!). But, hopefully it'll all work out and she can have a 'new' room for several months before she goes away for school. She is applying for next spring's semester at BYU-I. Yes, the 'I' stands for Idaho - that's pretty far away! :(

Yesterday, we heard from a missionary that served in our branch in Pennsylvania! It was great to talk to him! We hope we'll be in contact for years to come!

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Matt and Erin said...

Thank goodness she is ok!! Car accidents are scary things! I've never been driving but I've been in at least 4 of them, they are certainly a wake up call for sure!


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